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Bit 49 Inc.

Repair Service Provider

Work Hour

Available Model

Bitmain, MicroBT, Canaan


7775 Gary Watson Pt. Colorado Springs, CO 80915






  • Very competitive and transparent pricing
  • <2 week turnaround for orders of less than 100 miners
  • Secure 10,000sqft repair facility in Colorado Springs, CO capable of handling large orders
  • Industry certified technicians
  • If we don't fix your miner there is no charge to you
  • Full repair services on Antminer, Whatsminer, and Avalon
  • Cleaning/Diagnostics are included if repairs are performed on miner
  • We log all component serial numbers for each miner along with the MAC address and provide this information to you upon completion
  • All failures and repairs are logged and given to you for transparency
  • We provide discounted replacement parts for all brands of miners
  • Discounted shipping if needed (we can usually beat most shipping costs)
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