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SustainHash Repair & Service Ltd.

Repair Service Provider

Work Hour

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00 (UTC -7)

Available Model

Bitmain, MicroBT


15355 116 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5M 3Z5






SustainHash is a mission to push the boundaries of the Crypto Mining industry. We believe in sustainable business practices, a high quality of service, and a high quality of our end product. We believe nobody should have to question whether they can trust the vendors they’re working with or not. We believe there is a bright future for Proof of Work Cryptocurrencies and we aim to be a part of that future, no matter what it ends up looking like.

We hold closely the belief in a more sustainable industry in both business practices, energy consumption, and e-waste management. All of these are not easy tasks, but hard tasks are always worth the effort. Through a willingness to innovate, ask the hard questions, and take the risks needed to make a change, SustainHash will push the boundaries of the mining industry in its current state. We strive to be an example of what Crypto Mining service providers and suppliers should be.

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