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Win iPollo X1 Coupons! Join the Mining Expert Discussion!

Participate & Win! Share your mining expertise, get iPollo X1 coupons! Join the discussion now at Limited time offer!

Event Overview:

Join us for the exciting event hosted by Mintheasic and sponsored by iPollo! The event aims to encourage users to share their professional advice about mining machines, foster Q&A exchanges among participants, and encourage the sharing of expert evaluations and opinions about mining machines.

Event Duration:

The event will take place from June 16th, 12:00 AM (UTC -7), and will continue until June 25th, 12:00 AM (UTC -7).

Event Location:

The event will be held in the discussion sections of all iPollo mining machine pages on Here are the links to the respective pages:

iPollo G1

iPollo V1

iPollo V1 Classic

iPollo B1L

iPollo V1 MINI SE Plus

iPollo V1 MINI

iPollo X1

iPollo V1 MINI Classic Plus


iPollo G1 MINI

iPollo V1 MINI Classic

e.g: iPollo G1


  • All registered users are eligible to participate in the event, including commenting and replying to other users’ comments.
  • Each participant can make multiple comments during the event period but is limited to one chance of winning.
  • Comments must not contain any advertisements, links, or any illegal information.

Reward Details:

Participants have the opportunity to win a pre-order discount coupon for the iPollo X1 mining machine. The coupon provides a $40 discount, making the discounted price $449 during the pre-sale period. Additionally, the first 50 winners during the event will receive the X1 accessory, orange pi.

The awarded purchase discount coupon does not include shipping fees and is valid until June 25, 2023. Please make sure to use the coupon promptly and be aware of its expiration date and limitations to ensure successful redemption.

Selection Criteria and Announcement:

Winners will be selected based on the quality of their comments, constructive viewpoints, and the number of likes received. The selection process will be reviewed by the event organizers, and the list of winners will be updated and announced daily. Winners will be notified through private messages or email and provided with detailed information on how to claim their rewards.


  • Participants must refrain from posting spam comments, including but not limited to irrelevant content, vulgar language, or malicious attacks on others.
  • Participants are expected to respect others’ opinions and viewpoints and abide by community guidelines.
  • Comments should revolve around mining machine-related topics and should not involve politics, religion, or other sensitive subjects.
  • Participants are prohibited from using the event comment section for advertising, promotion, or any commercial activities.
  • Intellectual Property Rights:
  • By participating in the event, participants agree to grant Minetheasic relevant intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the rights to use, copy, modify, publish, and distribute the comments.


  • This event is organized by Minetheasic and sponsored by iPollo.
  • Minetheasic reserves the right to interpret and adjust the event rules.
  • Minetheasic has the right to disqualify participants who violate the event rules and may take further actions, including but not limited to prohibiting participants from participating in future similar events.
  • Minetheasic reserves the right to adjust the reward details based on actual circumstances and will make every effort to ensure fairness and impartiality.
  • Minetheasic reserves the right to change or cancel the event based on actual circumstances and will notify participants in a timely manner. Any decision regarding changes or cancellations will be made by Minetheasic and will be final.
  • We look forward to your active participation in creating a positive and beneficial mining machine discussion community! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff. Best of luck with the event!

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