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This Jasminer X4-1U Made Your GPUs OBSOLETE

In todays video I am checking out the one and only Jasminer. This thing is absolutely amazing and if ETC is your next go to after ETH moves to POS then get rid of your GPUs now because they can’t touch the power and efficiency of this new ASIC miner. In this video I go threw Power, OC Settings, Set-up, Noise Levels, Pros and Cons, and where to purchase.

Jasminer X4-Q Unboxing

Jasminer X4-Q has finally received! This high efficient Ethash/Etchash miner has been expected by customers for too long. Jasminer X4-Q can provide 1040MH, and power consumption is at 480W For your order, please check and use my promo code: JMBR to get 1% discount!!!

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