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How To Calculate Your Mining Profit

Although ETH is no longer available for POW mining, the majority of coins compute mining earnings in the same way.

The general calculations for these vital mining income data is shown below. You can calculate your income in the same way according to the cryptocurrency you mine.

1.Daily profits of per million hashrate

Every mining pool essentially provides this information. As an illustration, consider f2pool, which displays the computing power income for each coin on its home page.

For example, if you want to mine ETC, your device can provide 500M computing power, and the current income of ETC is $0.0026/M, then your daily income is:

500M * $0.0026/M = $1.3

2.Electricity cost

As long as the electricity is turned on, it must be paid for. Electricity is a dynamic expense. To get at nett profit, we must subtract the cost of power from the profit calculation.

The calculation of electricity fees is:

Daily electricity fees = power consumption w * 24 hours / 1000 * electricity price

For instance, if your equipment consumes 500w of power, the cost of electricity is 0.0831$/kWh, and the cost of electricity for a day is:

500w * 24 hours / 1000 * 0.08$/kWh = 0.96$

This data will naturally fluctuate due to loss and should only be used as a reference.

3.Daily Net Earnings

The daily nett income is simple to compute with revenue and expenses. Other than the electricity bill, mining pool pumping, and software pumping, there are often no further expenses associated with personal mining.

Daily nett income is calculated as follows: income * (mining pool pumping) – power expense

For instance, if your equipment has 500M computing power, your power usage is 500w, your mining pool pumping is 3%. Your daily nett revenue would be as follows:

Daily nett income= 500M * $0.0026/M * (1 – 3%) – 500w * 24hr / 1000 * 0.08$/kWh = 0.301$


To compute the payback term using daily income, you only need to substitute your equipment cost. For instance, if the cost of your equipment is 690$, your ROI is:

ROI = 690 / 0.301 = 2292.36 days

So under this situation, your equipment needs to take about 2293 days for before you can take your money back. You can also put your equipment’s information on the link below to calculate your daily nett income.


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