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10 Best CRYPTOCURRENCIES to invest 2023

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As one of the best cryptocurrencies out there, Bitcoin reached a peak of $1.28 trillion in November of 2021.

Despite the downturn of the crypto market in the last year, the market capitalization of Bitcoin is still over $300 billion in December 2022. This is up from the $1.2 billion market cap of Bitcoin back in 2013. This means that if you held on to $1,000 worth of Bitcoin since then, you’d still have around $300,000 today, highlighting the massive potential of choosing the right crypto.

When looking for the next cryptocurrency to explore in 2022, it’s important to take your time to make the right decision for you. Whether you’re looking to invest or considering mining cryptocurrency in the future, it’s vital that you do your research before finalizing any decisions.

If you’re looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022, you’re in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know including the best cryptocurrency in 2022.


Evaluating Cryptocurrency

When it comes to finding the right cryptocurrency for you, it’s important to do your research. While the crypto space can offer insane returns, picking the wrong crypto can add unnecessary risk to your portfolio.

This is why you should always look at the underlying technology to see if the platform is reliable. In addition to this, you can evaluate the fee structure of the crypto to compare it to other options. This is because some cryptocurrencies come with massive fees that can cut into your profits.

Factors to Consider

When picking a cryptocurrency to invest in, it’s important to keep a close eye on a few key factors. These factors include the longevity of the crypto that you’re investing in. If the crypto has been around for a while, it’s better to invest in compared to something that just launched yesterday.

In addition to this, you should look at the underlying technology to see if the platform is reliable. In addition to this, you can evaluate the fee structure of the crypto to compare it to other options. This is because some cryptocurrencies come with massive fees that can cut into your profits.

The Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In

If you’re looking for a list of the most impressive cryptocurrencies to invest in, you’ve found the right article. Here’s a quick look at the most popular options.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

When people think of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is often the most popular option. Bitcoin is one of the first examples of a decentralized currency as it can trace its origins back to 2008. While Bitcoin was first mentioned in a white paper in October 2008, it was launched in 2009 and took a while to actually catch on.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that relies on blockchain technology. This is a public ledger that keeps track of every single transaction on multiple computers at the same time. This way, the entire system can remain accurate and protected against cyber threats.

Since Bitcoin is incredibly limited in supply, the price skyrocketed with demand. This saw the price of a single Bitcoin go from a few cents to over $60,000 in November of 2021. While the crypto bear market has seen the price fall down to $17,200 in December 2022, the potential to return to the top is still there.

As the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin is one of the best bets you can make in the crypto market.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a community-driven platform that has evolved into one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. While Ethereum is not as popular as Bitcoin, many experts agree that Ethereum is the more practical, valuable option. This is because Ethereum comes with added functionality that makes the token more useful than Bitcoin.

Ethereum is still based on the blockchain and can support thousands of different decentralized applications. This means that Ethereum can have major applications outside of just holding financial value. Since the crypto can be used for so many different applications, it’s an ideal place to start if you’re looking to start mining crypto yourself.

Mining Ethereum is made seamless due to the cutting-edge technology that makes the entire platform run in the first place. Ethereum also skyrocketed in value over the last few years, reaching a high of $4,600 in November 2021. However, the bear market has left you with a great opportunity to invest in Ethereum at a massive discount.

The price of Ethereum in December 2022 is around $1,300. This means that if prices were to return to their state at the end of 2021, you could see returns of over 250%.

3. Binance (BNB)

Binance is one of the most successful crypto platforms on the market. Binance has evolved to allow users to hold, sell, and buy crypto with the tap of a button. Despite launching just a few years ago, Binance has grown into a major player in the crypto space and has even launched its own cryptocurrency that you can use for platform transactions.

Binance has developed its own crypto to make transactions easier on its platform. However, this crypto has grown in popularity over the last few years. This has left the crypto as one of the most valuable coins out there.

If you’re looking for a premium crypto platform to work with, Binance is the way to go.

4. Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a real-time payment settlement system that has the potential to be huge in the crypto space. This is because the underlying company has tons of potential to grow and evolve into more than just another standard crypto coin. Crypto is the future of finance, but it comes with tons of doubt around the application and value that it brings to modern life.

However, Ripple as a company seeks to actually solve an issue that we all deal with. By using crypto to speed up currency conversions and international settlements, Ripple managed to use the benefits of crypto to solve the problem at hand. This way, the platform, crypto, and company come with the potential to grow.

5. Cardano (ADA)

Created by Charles Hoskinson back in 2017, Cardano is an open-source cryptocurrency that is listed as ADA. While the project was overseen by the Cardano Foundation, the entire cryptocurrency is based on peer-to-peer transactions. This makes Cardano one of the most agile and versatile ways to securely transact with others online.

Cardano benefited from the massive rise in value over the last few years. The price for Cardano was around 3 cents back in 2020 but quickly rose to a high of $2,83 in November 2021. However, the crypto bear market caused Cardano to fall dramatically over the last year, with a final price of around 33 cents in December 2022.

6. Dogecoin (DOGE)

If you’re looking for a penny coin that has the potential to skyrocket, Dogecoin is still a great bet. Dogecoin was developed as a joke to mock the entire crypto market. However, the popularity of the coin managed to grow exponentially overnight, creating hundreds of millionaires and even a few billionaires in the process.

Dogecoin was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer and features a meme as the primary logo. This is often noted as the first meme coin, highlighting the volatility of the entire crypto market. While the coin was worth fractions of a penny at first, the popularity of the coin caused the value to rise to record rates in May of 2021.

While the entire crypto market rose till November of 2021, Dogecoin fell off in May. This means that the coin fell from a value of 64 cents to its current rate of 11 cents. While this fall does make some investors wary, the truth is that you could make some serious money by investing now.

7. Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot is a massively popular Web3 cryptocurrency that’s based on the blockchain. The current price of Polkadot is around $5,60. This is down from its record high from last year, allowing you to take advantage of the situation and buy in while it’s still cheap.

8. Polygon (MATIC)

If you’re looking for a reliable, secure cryptocurrency, Polygon is one of the best options out there. Polygon is based on Ethereum’s blockchain, allowing you to enjoy the same security benefits that you would have when investing in Ethereum.

The price of Polygon has suffered a blow in the last year but is still recovering. This means that you can get in early and profit as the crypto rises back to its previous levels. Since the entire platform is based on Ethereum, the price does tend to rise with the market.

9. Solana (SOL)

Solana is a powerful cryptocurrency that can support around 50 thousand transactions every second. Solana is based on a flexible platform that allows you to quickly transact while keeping fees incredibly low. Solana is unique in the crypto space as it allows you to stake your holdings.

This allows you to expose yourself to more upside potential with your holdings.

10. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin’s third mining reward halving will happen in July 2023, and litecoin has experienced twice halving since its launch in October 2011. The first time, in August 2015, reduced the block reward from 50 LTC to 25 LTC. The second time, in August 2019, cut the 25 LTC award to 12.5 LTC.

Litecoin has outperformed the FTX-induced turmoil in the cryptocurrency market, rising 36.4 percent to $74.97 from $55 in November 2022, while the price of Bitcoin has fallen 17.8% from $20485 in early November to $16830.

Nevertheless, according to the market analyst Scalping Pro, the trend of next year’s halving event is very similar to the last two halving events based on MACD and RSI momentum indicator analysis(momentum indicators identify overbought and oversold conditions in assets to predict potential trend reversals.)

As Chart 1 shows, LTC would experience a period of pre-halving phase, and then the price would fall to a bottom, and there will be a slight increase before halving in the first two halving.

LTC halving historically
Chart 1. LTC halving historically, source from(Godbole, 2022)

Furthermore, we can observe from Chart 2 that we’re experiencing the third pre-halving stage and at one point where it has passed the bottom and risen slightly, which is very similar to the situations of the first two halving cycles. Therefore, in accordance with the prediction trend, the price of LTC would reduce slightly after the third halving and increase significantly to the top after several months.

LTC third halving trend
Chart 2. LTC third halving trend, source from(Godbole, 2022)

The Best Cryptocurrencies to Include In Your Portfolio

Cryptocurrency is a great way to diversify your portfolio with alternative assets. While the best cryptocurrencies come with massive upside potential, they also come with their fair share of risks. This is why it’s so important to do your research before finalizing your investment.

If you’re thinking about getting into crypto mining, it’s important to invest in the right hardware for the job. ASIC rigs can mine more than just Bitcoin, so it’s important to find the right crypto before getting started. If you want to learn more about ASIC mining rigs, visit our website today.

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