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What is PoW? Why Can Mining Make Money? Where Does the Money Come From?

Consensus mechanism is a rule that every nodes in the blockchain must comply to. Generally speaking, everyone needs to agree with the framework they are in. Its value comes from the recognition of each nodes. For example, the money we use in the real world is not only because the government has given “this piece of paper” value, but more importantly, each of us agrees that “this piece of paper” is valuable. If you don’t understand, you can refer to the development of “money” in the primitive society without rulers. The current mainstream Consensus mechanism is divided into two types, one is PoW Consensus mechanism and the other is PoS Consensus mechanism., Today, I will mainly introduce PoW Consensus mechanism.

This Jasminer X4-1U Made Your GPUs OBSOLETE

In todays video I am checking out the one and only Jasminer. This thing is absolutely amazing and if ETC is your next go to after ETH moves to POS then get rid of your GPUs now because they can’t touch the power and efficiency of this new ASIC miner. In this video I go threw Power, OC Settings, Set-up, Noise Levels, Pros and Cons, and where to purchase.

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