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What Home Mining Beginners Should Know About Noise, Temperature, Humidity, and Energy Consumption

If you go back to 2013, the price for a whole bitcoin was as low as $100. These days, a bitcoin is worth more than 160 times as much as that. At its peak value, a single bitcoin was worth more than $62,000!

With growth like that, it is no surprise that more people developed systems to mining at home. Nevertheless, before you start mining, you should be aware of some essential operation environment factors that would influence your mining life, including noise, temperature, humidity, and energy consumptions.

Furthermore, regardless of the situation, it is important to check if there are ways that you can optimize your crypto-mining setup. The improvements that you make today will pay off every day that you use your mining system.

So how can you get the most out of your mining setup without creating excessive noise and mining device damage? Read on to learn all about the most important things to understand about using a quiet ASIC miner and other environmental factors that will help you optimize your home mining system!

Energy Consumption Effects on Mining Profitability

Humidity Effects on Your Mining Devices

How Temperature Affects Mining

Noise Effects on Your Mining Life

Bitcoin Mining

A number of factors will influence the efficacy of your mining setup. There are four main factors to keep in mind. They are general electrical prices, the noise of mining device, the temperature of the environment, and the level of humidity in the air.

By adjusting each of these factors as appropriate, you can get more out of your mining setup. That can lead to increased profitability as well as quieter operations.

Energy Consumption Effects on Mining Profitability

The primary thing that limits the process of mining cryptocurrency is the cost of electricity. If electricity were free, then everyone could mine cryptocurrency all the time and earn money at no cost.

However, the real world requires that people pay for the electricity that they use up as they mine cryptocurrencies. Your setup will need to run complicated algorithms to mine crypto. Running those calculated algorithms puts a lot of stress on your hardware.

Providing the necessary power to that hardware will mean eating up a great amount of electricity. The end result is at the higher the price of electricity in your area, the less profitable it is for you to mine cryptocurrency.

That is one reason why people created ASIC miners. These systems do not provide a wide variety of functionality, but they provide incredible efficiency when it comes to their single function of mining cryptocurrency.

Humidity Effects on Your Mining Devices

The level of humidity in your operation environment can also affect product quality and the service life of your mining equipment.

On the one hand, in a humid environment, circuit boards are more likely to short-circuit. It might interrupts operations, but can also burn your chip, causing further expenses. On top of that, more humid environments facilitate the growth of rust, which will cause your system to wear out faster.

On the other hand, if your humidity levels are too low, then there will be higher levels of ambient static electricity in the environment. Increases in static electricity will attract dust which will invade your equipment to make the machine malfunction and potentially burn the chips.

Whether humidity is too high or too low, it can increase the chance that your machine breaks down. Fortunately, resolving this problem is as easy as using a humidifier or a dehumidifier. With a simple tool to track humidity levels in your environment, you can make sure that the environment is ideal for computation.

Bitcoin Mining

How Temperature Affects Mining

Temperature is also an significant environmental factor affecting the operation efficiency of mining equipments and service life of machine. Keeping your machine at a proper temperature will improve your mining efficiency. For instance, hotter environments increase the chance that your machines will restart spontaneously. Moreover, they can also interrupt operations and lower your computational power.

However, many people neglect the importance of temperature control because the temperature in the room where they house their system is fine. However, running mining algorithms generates a lot of heat. Your mining system will get much hotter than the ambient air in the room.

In many cases, your setup will enjoy an improved hash rate when you keep it cool, and the optimum ambient temperature for a mining operation is somewhere warmer than five degrees celsius but colder than forty degrees celsius.

In order to solve the problem of overheating equipment, there are two common solutions:

  1. Using water-cooled systems: the principle of water cooling is that make the waterbaffle and the hash board closely fitted, leading to the water flow taking away the excess heat of equipment. Then, the pump would carry the liquid to a heat sink, where the liquid will be cooled by a low-speed fan and then returned into the water-cooled circulation system.
  2. Using oil-cooled systems: oil cooling means completely immersing the equipment into the thermal conductivity liquid with better insulation performance than air. Although it may be counterintuitive to immerse electronic mining equipment in a specially designed liquid, an insulated liquid medium can better dissipate heat from a over-temperatured chips. Nevertheless, this kind of heat-dissipating method is very costly.

Noise Effects on Your Mining Life

Last but not least, one of the most crucial factors affecting mining life is the decibel level of noise, especially for home miners.

The noise source of the mining device is mainly the exhaust fan. Due to the mining machine emitting a tremendous amount of heat when it is working, the violent fan is used to exhaust heat and thus make a lot of noise.

Generally, the mining equipment will emit 70-90 decibels of noise when you are mining. However, according to International Standardization Organization, domestic noise should be controlled under 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night. Therefore, it inevitably encounters the problem of noise disturbing the neighbors when you are mining at home. In addition, when people first start living with higher levels of white noise, they often do not experience any stress as a result. However, as days and weeks go by, having high levels of white noise can become tiresome. If you are going to have a mining system running all of the time, you may want to emphasize one that does not create too much extra noise.

Nevertheless, there are three common solutions for controlloing the noise of mining:

  1. Improve your cooling system: keep in mind that your system will make more noise if the fan runs all the time. Your fan will run more when your system is hotter. That means that temperature and noise production are connected. Use more efficient cooling systems instead of air-cooled cooling to reduce the work of exhaust fans, such as water-cooled cooling, oil-cooled cooling or hybrid cooling systems.
  2. It is also an excellent solution to use soundproof boards to build sound insulation boxes or soundproof rooms.
  3. Mining with quiet ASIC miners: at present, there are already professional quiet ASIC miners with high mining efficiency on the market, such as the flagship series of Jasminer, Jasminer X4, known for its impressive energy saving, quiet and high cost-efficiency. This kind of quiet ASIC miner is delivered with the operation noise below, which solves the noise issues perfectly with a higher hashrate.

Other Optimization Tips

If you can find a cheaper source of electricity, consider using it to optimize your mining performance. You can also keep in mind that, along with being quieter, a quality ASIC miner system will also mine more cryptos with the same amount of electricity.

The more that you learn about mining coins, the more you will appreciate the benefits of using a quiet ASIC miner system. One of the amazing things about mining coins is that you generate income even when you are not paying any attention to your system. For that reason and others, it may make sense for you to optimize your setup as much as you can.

To learn more about how to get the most out of mining cryptocurrency, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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