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What should you do when your Jasminer miner lights up red?

In today’s global economic slowdown, the digital economy is becoming a new engine of economic growth, injecting new momentum into global economic development. As the foundation and base for the development of digital economy, digital infrastructure, represented by Web 3.0 computing products, plays an increasingly prominent role in the Digital transformation of the industry.

As a leading global provider of Web 3.0 computing infrastructure, JASMINER Jasmine has maintained a technological and market advantage in the industry for a long time. Its core product philosophy of “high throughput, high computing power, and low power consumption” can play an important role in promoting the green development of the industry and allowing Web 3.0 computing power to penetrate households, achieving true “decentralization”.

Since its development, JASMINER has always adhered to its original intention of “making trust simpler”. In the era of Web 3.0, JASMINER Jasmine has brought home silent computing products into millions of households, accelerating the popularization of Web 3.0 information technology. In the future, JASMINER Molly will continue to invest in research and development according to the plan, develop Pu Hui computing power, and immerse computing power in various scenarios of thousands of industries and households.

Jasminer X16_Q

X16-Q is the latest generation of X16 series ASIC computing power equipment developed by JASMINER Molly. It adopts industry-leading 3D storage and computing integrated high-throughput chip technology, with computing power up to 1845MH/s ± 10%, power consumption as low as 630W ± 10%, and power ratio as low as 0.34J/MH ± 10%. It supports ETHASH and ETHASH algorithms and can be deployed in home rooms and IDC rooms. It is currently the best performing and most energy-efficient computing product in this field worldwide. This new product redefines industry standards with a super strong energy efficiency ratio of 0.34J/MH, and leads the energy efficiency indicators of ASIC computing products into a new era with power energy conservation and chip performance optimization.

Today we are not just discussing the highly anticipated new product “X16”, but the entire Jasminer series of machines and how to handle them when encountering applause. When the mining machine encounters a problem, the most intuitive manifestation is to turn on the red light.

Why do your mining machines light up red?

In fact, during the use of the machine, as long as it is not in a normal working state, the red light will light up. After the machine is configured normally and after 30 to 40 minutes, the red light will go out. But what should we do when the red lights are really on?

Light of AISC Miner
Light of ASIC Miner

Control board damaged.
When the control board is damaged, the machine background cannot display any data. By entering the machine’s IP address into the browser, you can see that all the numerical indicators of the mining machine are blank in white. In this case, it is necessary to first cut off the power, open the machine casing (if the machine is still in maintenance, you need to take a picture of the casing SN), and then turn on the mining machine again to check if the indicator light on the control board is red. If it is red or not lit, then the control board needs to be replaced. As shown in the figure.

jasminer x16-q
Jasminer X16-Q

The mining machine backend page was not successfully configured, and the machine does not have any hashrate.As a qualified absentee, there is no need to elaborate on the machine configuration. Open “Miner” on the settings page, write down the mining pool address and wallet address, then select the frequency and currency mode (the machines before X16 only support ETHASH and ETHASH algorithms for currencies, and do not support double mining). When the computer board of the machine recognizes the address and establishes a link, the original red and green light of the machine’s shell indicator light will become intermittently flashing green.

jasminer dashboard
Jasminer dashboard

The machine cannot read the address of the mining pool, there is no hashrate. When this situation occurs, only absenteeism is required to enter the backend. After entering the machine’s IP address, they will see that the machine’s mining pool status is “Dead” on the main page, indicating that the filling format of the mining pool address is incorrect or invalid. It is recommended to replace the mining pool address.

The computing board is damaged. When all data indicators in the backend of the machine are normal, but there is no computing power. In this situation, it is necessary to check the address of the mining pool and check whether the connection between the computing board and the control board is loose or the circuit is short circuited. The feedback in the machine log is “Discard it”. At this time, you need to disassemble the machine, unplug the flat cable on the machine control board and insert another empty card slot. At present, the card slots of the jasmine machines on sale are all three, with two of the cables already plugged in and the last one empty. You can simply unplug one of the white cables and insert the remaining one. After waiting for the machine to run for about 30 to 40 minutes, there will be computing power. If there is still no computing power, the machine will remain on the red light, and then it needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance.

electric power of jasminer
electric power of Jasminer

The machine’s mode and configured mining pool address do not match. The Jasminer machine supports ETHASH and ETHASH algorithms, and there are many mining pools corresponding to the currencies of these two algorithms. For example, when you are using a machine to mine ETC currency, if your machine selects ETH mode, the machine will not have any hash values and the machine will also light up red. Similarly, if you are mining ETH currency, the mode cannot be selected as ETC mode. It must be a one-to-one correspondence between the currency corresponding to the mining pool and the currency pattern.

The fan of the machine is damaged and the heat dissipation is not good, which causes the hash board to stop working. Compared with other accessories, the fan of the Jasminer machine is a vulnerable part, so it needs to be cleaned every other year (it is recommended to clean the dust every six months in places with poor environment). When the fan does not work due to high temperature or dust accumulation or line aging , the machine will stop working, and a “high temp” prompt will be displayed in the background. At this time, the machine will generally stop working automatically, or restart repeatedly. If you find this kind of situation when you are absent from work and enter the background, you need to cut off the power immediately, then disassemble the machine, check whether the fan is running, and replace it in time if it is damaged. Then when the expression reaches the external indicator light of the machine, the red light will be on.

The machine is not successfully connected to the network. If the machine is not in the state of successful network connection, you can enter the background settings of the machine to configure the following network. Make sure that the machine and your router are in the same LAN segment, or you can identify whether you can find this machine by entering the background of the router . Usually, you only need to select the group control software on the official website and automatically identify it in the IP settings, or you can also find the IP address of the machine by long pressing the “IP address” on the machine shell.

In addition, all red lights mean that the machine cannot work normally. Once this happens, please contact your sales or the after-sales staff of the machine manufacturer to deal with it in time. The machine under warranty cannot be disassembled or changed inside the circuit. Wait, otherwise it will affect your machine warranty. Jasminer’s machines are guaranteed within half a year from the date of logistics delivery. If the out-of-warranty machines want to be maintained, the customer needs to pay for it.

The brand power and influence of Jasminer machines

Nowadays, the performance release and power consumption performance of encrypted mining machines have become important factors in the competition among various products, and users are also very happy with it, and even use these two standards as the final reference for purchasing decisions.

As an extremely well-reputed brand among crypto enthusiasts, JASMINER X4 1U is one of the most popular and cost-effective ASIC mining machines, mainly used to mine ETC. In addition to the 1U appearance design which is different from traditional mining machines, the biggest highlight of JASMINER X4 1U is the core chip processor, heat dissipation and noise reduction, software configuration and a series of performance improvements, which can bring users uncompromising “full-blooded combat power” “.

The device offers up to 520MH/s hashrate with power consumption as low as 240W, making it a good choice for areas where electricity is expensive. The thin and light body is easy to set up, making it an ideal choice for mining ETC at home.

As a benchmark product leading the encryption mining industry to upgrade to the era of high-throughput computing power, JASMINER X4 1U has been constantly surprising users since its inception. It breaks through the shape and performance limitations of traditional mining machines, allowing consumers to get a truly high-computing power, low power consumption, and full-scenario experience. With unique ASIC design and high return on investment, JASMINER X4 1U is by far the most energy-efficient ETC mining machine.

The encryption mining machine market is either to be the best or not to do it. As a rising star, JASMINER has enough ability and courage to make new attempts, and JASMINER X4 series high-throughput servers have indeed returned the expectations of users with many high-light configurations. Everyone deserves to have such a JASMINER X4 1U mining tool with high efficiency and energy saving.

New Product: JASMINER X16

jasminer x16
Jasminer X16

Imagine a scene: a night of falling into a deep sleep after busy overtime, in an inconspicuous corner of the home, a quiet and efficient all-round machine is running steadily, and when you wake up the next day, it will complete all the work and share the pressure for you It also makes full use of time, and this all-round machine is the household silent computing power product brought by JASMINER.

JASMINER is a computing power infrastructure supplier with the world’s leading high-throughput chip technology. In order to perfectly fit the home scene, it breaks the technical bottleneck that is difficult to reduce noise in previous computing power products, and is committed to creating a high-throughput chip with the lowest noise level in the industry. Computing power server, launched JASMINER X4-Q, JASMINER X16-Q and other household silent computing power products, through multiple noise suppression technologies and silent systems, the products can be flexibly applied to scenarios with silent requirements such as homes, offices and even IDC computer rooms .

JASMINER X16-Q household silent type computing power product has a noise decibel less than 40 db and can be used in a working temperature environment of 0-40°C. The computing power is as high as 1845MH/s±10%, and the power consumption is as low as 630W±10%. The ratio is as low as 0.34J/MH±10%, and it supports ETCHASH and ETHASH algorithms, bringing users a quiet and extreme computing power experience.

Starting from the user, JASMINER has made it possible to meet the demand for silent computing power products through technological innovation, and has also brought household silent computing power products to users’ homes, becoming a powerful efficiency assistant around users, and sharing countless silent victories together time!

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