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How to extend the service life of your miners

Mining machine is an important equipment for virtual currency mining, and its service life directly affects mining revenue.Today we will discuss how to extend the service life of your mining machine, and when the machine must be replaced, what kind of machine is the best choice?

What is the lifespan of a mining machine?

The service life of the mining machine can be divided into the “physical life” and “economic life” of the mining machine. The physical life of the mining machine refers to the time when the mining machine is put into use in a new state until the mining machine is damaged and scrapped. Explain in vernacular, how long the mining machine will be completely scrapped due to irreparable failure, wear, aging, damage and other reasons.

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There are two main factors that affect the physical life of the mining machine: the quality and operation and maintenance of the mining machine.

Factors such as the quality of the mining machine and the manufacturer of the mining machine and the structural design of the mining machine are closely related. For example, for antminers with low power consumption, the computing board is powered by a series circuit. If there is a problem with one of the computing board circuits or chips, the entire computing board will be unusable.

The level of operation and maintenance also affects the physical lifespan of the miner. When the mining machine is running, it will emit a lot of heat. If the heat dissipation is not timely or the fan on the mining machine is damaged, the continuous high temperature will cause the mining machine to stop, and even the internal circuit of the mining machine will be short-circuited.

In addition to temperature, there is humidity. If the air is too humid, it may cause the mining machine to rust and corrode. In addition, in the mines in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places, due to the wind, sand, and dust, the dust of the mining machine must be checked regularly. If the dust is not cleaned in time, it will also affect the physical life of the mining machine. Under normal circumstances, the physical life of the mining machine can reach 5-10 years. For miners, what is more important is the economic life of the mining machine.

The economic life of the mining machine refers to the service life of the mining machine from the perspective of cost and income. To put it simply, we only look at the two indicators of “electricity expenditure” and “mining output” of the mining machine (because the maintenance cost of the mining machine is less than the electricity cost).

When the mining output of the mining machine cannot cover the electricity bill, the economic life of the mining machine is over. Generally speaking, the economic life of the latest mining machines can reach more than three years.

Which Can Cause Damage To Machines:

How long do ASICs last? Your ASIC machine’s lifespan depends largely on how well you maintain it. Although the general range is between 3 to 5 years, ASICs can last beyond five years if maintained properly. Let’s take a look at what can cause damage to your machine.

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High humidity

Highly humid or damp environments can damage the internal components of your ASIC machine. It can cause rust and corrosion to the delicate core of your miner.

Poor ventilation or cooling

ASIC miners generate a considerable amount of heat when in use. If left running without proper ventilation, it can result in overheating, damaging the machine.

Extreme temperatures

Extreme hot temperatures resulting from your ASIC machine’s environmental temperature or overheating can destroy and shorten its lifespan. Extreme cold temperatures are less critical than hot temperatures as the heating produced by your ASIC can counterbalance it.

Poor maintenance

Overclocking your ASIC machine constantly, a dusty environment, inadequate airflow or ventilation, extreme temperatures, and poor maintenance conditions can damage your ASIC miner.

What should we do?

The mining output of the mining machine is greater than the electricity expense, and the mining machine can run all the time

The mining output of the mining machine can be divided into block rewards and service fee rewards. Taking Bitcoin as an example, the current block reward is 12.5 BTC, and the handling fee is about 1.4% of the block reward. The Bitcoin network is prone to congestion during the bull market, and the handling fee will increase. For example, at the peak of the bull market in 2017, the fee reward for a single block was as high as 10% of BTC or more.

Low electricity cost prolongs the economic life of mining machines

Electricity costs have a great impact on the economic life of mining machines.

The electricity used in the mine is mainly thermal power and hydropower. Thermal power is mainly concentrated in Sichuan and Inner Mongolia, and the price is relatively stable; hydropower is mainly concentrated in Sichuan, Yunnan and other places. Affected by seasons, Sichuan and Yunnan have wet and dry seasons. The price of electricity in the wet season is cheap, and the price of electricity in the dry season is expensive. . During the dry season, some mining opportunities are closed and sealed. During the high water period, if mining can continue to be profitable, miners will restart their mining machines.

Different miners have different electricity costs, and the cost of electricity is also the core competitiveness of miners. Therefore, the economic life of the same mining machine is also different. For example, due to the low currency price, many small miners have to shut down the Antminer S9 mining machine and sell the mining machine to a large miner who has an advantage in electricity costs.

At present, some domestic miners are also shipping the eliminated mining machines, such as T9+, to countries with lower electricity costs such as the Middle East.

The halving of Bitcoin every four years has an important impact on the economic life of mining machines

Due to the block reward halving mechanism, Bitcoin’s block reward is halved every four years. In May of this year, Bitcoin will usher in the third block reward halving in history, from the current 12.5BTC to 6.25BTC.

Miners are the first to bear the brunt of Bitcoin halving, because the mining output of mining machines will be halved directly (regardless of service fee rewards), and some old mining machines with low performance will face the fate of being shut down and eliminated.

The advancement of science and technology makes the economic life of mining machines longer and longer

The current mainstream mining machine is 7nm standard and it is expected that nm mining machines will appear around March 2020. As the mining machine chip technology is getting closer and closer to the physical limit, Moore’s Law is gradually failing, and chip upgrades are becoming more and more difficult.

The chip iteration is gradually slowing down, and the improvement of subsequent software and hardware will have a limited increase in the power consumption ratio of the mining machine, which may prolong the economic life of the existing mining machine.

The service life of the mining machine is divided into the physical service life and the economic service life of the mining machine. As miners, we need to pay attention to the economic lifespan. The main factors that determine the economic life of the mining machine are the electricity expense and mining output of the mining machine. When the electricity expense exceeds the mining output, the economic life of the mining machine expires.

Optimized cooling system

The optimization of the cooling system of the digital currency mining machine is the key to prolonging the service life. Usually, the heat dissipation system of a mining machine includes multiple components such as fans and heat sinks. A heat dissipation module can be installed, which can optimize the air volume, pressure difference and noise of the mining machine. Using a water-cooling system to replace the traditional fan cooling, this technology has great advantages in reducing the temperature in the chassis; in addition, when installing a fan, use a fan with high speed and air flow to maximize the cooling performance.
In terms of chassis design, rationally adjust the internal space layout, increase the heat dissipation effect of the fan, and replace high-quality heat sinks and fans, which can effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the mining machine.

When using the mining machine, try to keep the mining machine well ventilated and avoid running the mining machine in a closed state for a long time.

choosing a cooling system for your cryptocurrency mining rig
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Control power supply and voltage

Power supply and voltage are two factors that affect the temperature of the mining machine. Reasonable control of them can reduce the temperature of the mining machine and prolong the service life of the mining machine. When choosing a power supply, be sure to choose a stable and high-quality power supply instead of using a cheap unstable and poor-quality power supply.

In the process of running the mining machine, the voltage control is also very critical. Try to ensure that the voltage is within the normal range and not exceed the rated value, so as to ensure the long-term operation stability of the mining machine. In addition, in terms of voltage control, it is also a good way to use a voltage reducer to reduce the voltage, which can reduce the energy consumption of the mining machine and reduce the temperature, thereby prolonging the service life of the mining machine.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

During the operation of the mining machine, a large amount of dust and impurities will be inhaled. These accumulations will have a negative impact on the cooling effect of the mining machine, and will also reduce the performance of the entire mining machine. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and maintain the mining machine regularly.

First of all, the fan should be cleaned, because after the fan has been used for a period of time, a lot of dust and bacteria will accumulate, resulting in a decline in heat dissipation and even fan failure. Remove the accumulation, dust and loose circuit boards on the heat sink, clean the exhaust and air intake holes, and insist on cleaning and replacing the provided tools and consumables.

During use, it is necessary to regularly check the temperature and voltage of the mining machine, find out the problems of the mining machine in time and make adjustments and repairs, which can prolong the service life of the mining machine.

Reduce the ambient temperature

Ambient temperature is a key factor affecting the temperature of the mining machine. If the indoor air temperature is too high, the heat dissipation effect of the mining machine will drop a lot, and long-term operation will easily cause the mining machine to crash and reduce the service life of the mining machine. Therefore, reducing the ambient temperature is an effective way to reduce the temperature of the mining machine.

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The first method is to use air conditioners to reduce the indoor air temperature. This method has a significant effect and can quickly reduce the indoor temperature to a certain temperature in a short period of time. Another method is to use cooling equipment, such as air coolers, water circulation coolers, etc. The cooling technology used in these devices can effectively reduce the ambient temperature and fundamentally improve the heat dissipation of the mining machine.

The current mining machine worth looking forward to and choosing

Recently, JASMINER “2023 Digital Economy Venture Capital Summit” was held in Chengdu. With the theme of “New Era, New Consensus, New Future”, this summit invited industry leaders, experts, scholars and representatives of nearly a thousand partners to attend, and conducted in-depth discussions on how to accelerate the digital transformation of the Web 3.0 industry and explore new momentum for the development of the digital economy.

In addition to the collision of insights and opinions, at this summit, JASMINER also released the latest product and solution for the Web 3.0 home computing power market – X16-Q, demonstrating the innovative high-throughput chip technology and the depth of home application scenarios The new possibilities brought by integration have attracted countless attentions.

JASMINER Jasmine PM Director——Victor introduced that X16-Q is a home computing power infrastructure based on Jasminer’s self-developed high-throughput computing chip with integrated storage and computing. The performance of the chip has been greatly upgraded compared with the X4 series products. Its rated computing power is greater than 1845MH/s, power consumption is less than 600W±10%, and energy efficiency ratio is 0.31J/MH±10%. It also has a newly upgraded 8G (DAG) storage, supports ETCHASH and ETHASH algorithms, and has a 3U standard specification Small in size, the operating noise is only 40dB±10%, which can meet various complex computing needs in environments such as homes and IDC computer rooms.

Victor said that JASMINER’s new X16-Q solution includes hardware, software, and cloud services. The actual test performance of the hardware far exceeds the rated parameter level, and the performance is even better. Through JASMINER X16-Q, home users around the world can achieve more efficient Web 3.0 computing tasks, complete data processing and analysis faster, and better enjoy the dividends brought by the digital age. As the world’s leading provider of Web 3.0 computing power infrastructure, JASMINER has been committed to promoting the development of the new digital economy of Web 3.0. In the face of digital opportunities, it has always maintained investment in chip research and development, supply chain protection, etc., focusing on technological innovation, and for Customers provide computing power infrastructure with extremely high quality, extremely low cost, and excellent experience. The new X16-Q products and solutions released this time have been comprehensively upgraded and optimized in terms of computing power, reliability, and security, and will provide users with more efficient, stable, and secure digital solutions, marking the digital home computing Another important breakthrough in the field of power.

At present, JASMINER’s high-throughput computing chips and product solutions have been widely used around the world, and its products and services have been highly evaluated and recognized by many international customers. At the summit, JASMINER also announced to cooperate with a number of well-known enterprises and institutions to jointly promote the innovation and development of the new digital economy of Web 3.0 and create greater value for users in the Web 3.0 industry.

Looking forward to the future, JASMINER will always adhere to the spirit of openness, innovation, and cooperation, and accelerate the construction of Web 3.0 computing power infrastructure and digital resource system, so that Web 3.0 application innovation will flourish, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of digital, intelligent, and low-carbon industries. road.

Strong core, surging computing power

JASMINER X16-Q can provide super computing power up to 1845MH/s±10%, and the power consumption is as low as 630W±10%. With the core blessing of a new generation of high-throughput computing power chips, JASMINER X16-Q has demonstrated strong computing power performance, and the energy efficiency ratio is only 0.34J/MH, and the technical level is far ahead in the industry.

Extremely silent, diverse scenes

JASMINER X16-Q’s new silent cooling system will continue to ensure that the noise during computing power work is maintained at 40dB±10%. In order to ensure the ease of operation of the computing power server and the diversification of scene adaptation, JASMINER X16-Q uses the 3U form as the starting point to save space. Placing the server in the family room does not affect daily life, and it is more convenient to arrange the server neatly in the rack. Does not take up much space.

Green energy saving, ultra-low energy efficiency

JASMINE X16-Q, through a series of exquisite designs, minimizes system energy consumption on the premise of ensuring stable and efficient operation of the system. It provides an energy efficiency ratio of 0.34 (J/MH)±10%, reaching the industry’s leading level.

As the world’s leading high-throughput computing power server brand, Jasmine JASMINER has grasped the needs of the times and the majority of users, and focused on the production of high-throughput, high computing power, and low-power computing power. It has successively launched JASMINER X4 Mini, X4 1U and X4-Q and other diversified computing power server products provide intelligent and convenient products and services for global users. The new launch of JASMINER X16-Q is bound to create higher value for users. I believe that with the official launch and mass delivery in the future, this new product will also be widely recognized by the market and users.

Finally, a mining machine that suits you can bring you considerable benefits, and doing a good job of maintenance is also the quality that every qualified miner should possess. When your machine will inevitably be eliminated, it is particularly important to choose a machine that is the most cost-effective and suitable for the policies of your country and region, and can optimize your cost.

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